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Blog by Deborah Evans, LLG CEO 21 September 2018

Publish date: 24/09/2018

In times of uncertainty, there is comfort to be found in networking with peers, trading concerns, highlighting issues and finding solutions. It goes without saying that the complexities of Brexit creates an ever changing landscape. Local authorities are struggling to plan in a vacuum, and there is no quick fix.

The LLG annual governance conference looms large, providing an opportunity for time out to focus on the bigger picture. There is no doubt the lawyers in each local authority have a huge role to play in navigating the Brexit storm carefully to get the best outcome for our communities. But it's not just Brexit - there are so many issues impacting on local authorities today - funding cuts, commercialisation - I could go on.

At the conference our president Suki will talk about the importance of resilience - about being strong in times of great change - whether it be challenge, instability, or crisis. Lawyers can move the debate out of the political and into the practical. Finely attuned to risk, with a keen eye for due diligence, they can suggest practical steps in each of the key areas of policy. Lawyers can be the intelligent, calming voice - stripping the emotion out of the debate, evaluating options, contributing sensibly to risk management. Too often seen as 'blockers', lawyers are in fact enablers.

I look forward to the quality of debate and thought leadership that the governance conference provides. Many minds are so much better than one. We are all in this together, so let's use this time wisely. To see the future, it is important to take time out from the present to look forward. Your authorities will thank you for it.

Best Wishes
Deborah Evans