Law Society Council Elections - Notice of Election for Local Government Council Seat to Practicing Solicitors- Applications Sought

Publish date: 07/07/2021

LLG have been duly appointed by the Law Society as an approved body for the purpose of nominating a candidate for election to the local government seat of the Law Society Council of a period of one year, commencing on 14th October 2021. LLG are seeking applications from its members who are admitted solicitors on the roll of solicitors in England and Wales and hold a current valid practicing certificate in accordance with Law Society Council Bye-Law 52.

If you are interested in being considered for nomination, please submit a short CV detailing your professional experience and policy-making experience, together with a short statement of why you think you should be appointed to this position by 16th July 2021. Your nomination must be supported by two separate local government solicitors who must also be on the roll of solicitors in England and Wales and hold a current practicing certificate. At this stage however, their consent need only be confirmed by provision of their names and local authority. Submissions must be sent to

The decision as to who will be nominated to the Law Society will be made by Directors of the LLG Board who are also admitted solicitors to the roll of England and Wales.

The successful candidate will be required to complete a formal nomination form to include disclosure of any criminal conviction, tribunal findings and similar matters to be completed by 21st July 2021 and will at that point, be required to be signed by the two supporting solicitor members. Electronic signatures will be accepted for ease.

The successful candidate will be expected to prepare update reports to the LLG Board every quarter and attend Board meetings as an ex officio if requested to do.

The Law Society Council normally meets for a full day at least 4 times per year at Chancery Lane in London.

The main role and responsibilities of a Council Member are as follows: - (please note applicants need not be members of lawyers in local government to apply for this role provided they work in local government and are admitted solicitors with a practicing certificate)

Main Roles and Responsibilities of Council members

To represent the solicitors of today, providing an effective collective voice.

To deliver high level thought leadership on all matters affecting solicitors, the legal profession, and the public interest.

To contribute to the Law Society achieving its objectives.

To ensure good governance, high quality contribution, and timely decision-making.

To identify and take into consideration the views and the interests of their constituents and to pursue matters raised by or relevant to their constituents as well as the wider profession and the public interest.

To consider the future for the profession and its constituent parts to ensure it is adequately prepared for different future environments.

To approve the Law Society business plan and annual budget for representative functions

To keep under review the external regulatory arrangements applicable to solicitors

To attend all Council meetings, read the relevant papers in advance and be fully prepared for Council meetings

To engage regularly with their constituency members and with the Law society organisations, relevant to their constituency and complete all appropriate training opportunities

A fuller description of the role and responsibilities can be found on the Law Society website at

If you have any queries please contact