Leading Counsel Advice on the Professional and Legal Ability of Authorities

Publish date: 29/02/2016

I mentioned that LLG together with LGA were taking advice from leading counsel on the professional and legal ability of authorities to sell their service under the 1970 Goods and Services Act. We consequently sought the advice of James Goudie QC and I'm pleased to say the advice was clear and positive. Please go to the document library and select the option 'LLG Membership' in the main drop down menu in the document section (not the SAA pages). I hope you will find it helpful. Although it is unlikely that SRA will change its mind on the trading issue in the light of the advice LLG and LGA are nevertheless arranging to meet SRA to discuss this and other matters of concern to members (apart from anything else) to maintain a good professional working arrangements with SRA going forward for the benefit of all LLG members.

Best wishes

Bev Cullen