Enhance Your Professional Career by Undertaking a Bespoke MSc and Grab a Bursary to Help Meet the Cost.

Publish date: 26/07/2018

A brand new tailored MSc in Local Government Legal Professional Leadership has now launched with the University of Northumbria and LLG are offering a 3K Bursary to help fund this course. Further funds can also be obtained by solicitors from the Local Government Legal Society Trust. Places are still available so why not go for it?! Click for more information.

The Masters distance learner course in Local Government Legal Professional Leadership with Northumbria University is now open for applications.

The Masters in Local Government Legal Professional Leadership is an innovative new postgraduate programme co-designed by Northumbria University Faculty of Business and Law and LLG. This is a two year distance learning programme, designed for those who wish to gain a postgraduate degree whilst balancing employment and a range of other commitments.

Local government is experiencing significant changes, not least because of austerity, public funding changes, government policy, BREXIT and a changing demography. Increasingly, lawyers and those working in local government legal services, including Monitoring Officers and Practice Managers, are tasked with leading teams, change management and implementing strategy. Traditional legal education does not necessarily prepare lawyers for these leadership and management roles. This programme, like no other, was designed in recognition of the specific needs of lawyers working in this changing local government environment. It aims to allow you to develop your knowledge, skills and competence in the areas of personal development, leadership, management and strategy. However, it is not just about cutting edge theory; it's also about hands-on practical experience. To this end, you will be encouraged to build on your own leadership and management experience with work related assignments that will contribute to self, career and workplace improvement.

Unlike a generic Leadership programme, or a MBA, this bespoke programme recognises the particular context of local government legal services and the professional standards of lawyers. It recognises the professional ethical considerations of the individual and the specific public sector imperatives of local government and the nature of the employment relationship in local government. The programme will develop competencies that enable you to understand the tools necessary to inspire, develop, and motivate individuals and teams in support of strategic organisational growth. Furthermore, you will work on developing research skills, critical thinking and effective organisational improvement techniques as well as exploring all the personal competences associated with leadership and management in complex, dynamic and excellence focused local authorities.

Full Programme details can be found here


The two year distance learner course is being offered through the University at a cost of £7,000.00 but LLG will provide a £3,000.00 bursary over the two year course to the first 12 eligible LLG members who apply following an offer of acceptance on the course.

The link for registration and application to the University can be found here

The LLG Bursary Scheme with terms should be reviewed here before applying using the LLG Bursary Application Form

If you have any enquiries about the course content or your eligibility for the course the please email mailto:nu.postgraduate@northumbria.ac.uk-

If you have any queries regarding the LLG Bursary Scheme or wish to make an application please contact mailto:membership@lawingov.org.uk

Further Funding Options

You are not precluded from applying for any other source of assistance when applying for the LLG Bursary and indeed are encouraged to do so.

Aside from approaching your employing local authority, If you are a solicitor you can apply for assistance to the Local Government Legal Society Trust which is a separate body unconnected with LLG. You are not precluded from applying for any other source of assistance when applying for the LLG Bursary and indeed are encouraged to do so.

The objects of the Trust are to: "To promote and develop the role of solicitors, and trainee solicitors employed in local government in legal, managerial and administrative capacities and to take appropriate action on all matters concerning their training professional development duties responsibilities remunerations and interests." The Trust can provide bursaries and grants to cover training and development but only to Solicitors and trainee solicitors. Other members of LLG, such as barristers or CILEx are not eligible to apply to the Trust. If you are eligible to apply for funding from the Trust you should set out all relevant information including your history of employment and commitment to local government to to: Treasurer: mailto:Felicity Hildred: fjhildred@phonecoop.coop or Secretary: John Bremers:mailto: bremersjohn@btinternet.com

Other bursary's or grants may be available through various trusts or professional bodies.