LLG Seeks Applications for Appointment to the Local Government Legal Society Trust Fund

Publish date: 29/04/2019

The Local Government Legal Society was one of the forerunners to LLG. It was disbanded in 1976 when the organisation became part of the Law Society. The Local Government Legal Society Trust (the Trust) came into existence at that time and is administered separately from LLG. The objects of the Trust are to: “To promote and develop the role of solicitors, and trainee solicitors employed in local government in legal, managerial and administrative capacities and to take appropriate action on all matters concerning their training professional development duties responsibilities remunerations and interests” LLG are entitled to nominate one Trustee to the Trust when the current seat becomes vacant. LLG are now looking to recruit and appoint a trustee to fill this very important position.

The Trust meets approximately 4 times a year in the North of England and carries out duties in between by email correspondence and/or telephone. Travel expenses are remunerated.

Holding the position of trustee carries responsibility and legal duties. You can read more about being a trustee at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-essential-trustee-what-you-need-to-know-cc3

Role Profile

  1. To have a good understanding of the obligations, duties and responsibilities of a Trustee.
  1. To have held a legally qualified position within a local authority legal department or equivalent.
  1. To have a solid understanding of the current local government legal landscape and the needs of local government solicitors and trainees.
  1. To attend Trust meetings throughout the year and Chair if required.
  1. To engage actively with Trust communications and undertake a workload on behalf of the Trust.
  1. To give strategic focus to the Trust.
  1. To publicise the work of the Trust.
  1. To uphold openness and transparency in all decision making of the Trust.
  1. To forge contacts of benefit to the Trust and to attend relevant meetings where appropriate.
  1. To undertake such other activity or communication as from time to time might be necessary in the interests of and/or to the benefit of the Trust.

Applications should be made by submitting a supporting statement on how you meet the role profile along with a chronology of legally qualified local government appointments to Helen McGrath at Helen@llg.org.uk by 5pm on Monday 13th May 2019. References may be requested thereafter. If you wish to discuss this appointment please contact Helen McGrath.

Please note to uphold impartiality and the separation of decision-making powers, current LLG Directors are not entitled to be appointed as a trustee by LLG to the Local Government Legal Society Trust.