LLG Work Experience Applications NOW OPEN

Publish date: 06/05/2021

Are you a law student looking to gain work experience In a local authority? LLG are delighted to announce that we are now accepting applications for our LLG work experience week for 2021 for all students who wish to take part in the week. This year students just like you, across the country will take part in LLG work experience week which will begin on the 5th July 2021.

There you will spend mornings shadowing local government lawyers remotely in a named local authority, attending a variety meetings and undertaking work assignments. The afternoon sessions will consist of a dynamic program of webinars, animated roundtables and live workshops designed to give you a full insight into a rewarding career as a local government lawyer.

Who can apply I hear you ask? This programme is aimed at final year law students and current LPC students and graduates. To be eligible, you must have access to a computer or tablet, internet access and a quiet place to work at this scheme will run remotely. You will be required to complete the attached application form, write a 500-word statement and describe what you believe to be the Role of a Local Authority Lawyer during a National Disaster? You are also invited to make a short 60 second VLOG to support this statement if you wish.

All applications should be submitted to legaltalent@llg.org.uk, with the closing date being Monday the 17th May 2021

Download your application form here