Local Government Legal Society's Annual Report and Bursary Information

Publish date: 07/09/2021

For information on the Trusts 2020 activities and how to apply for a bursary please click this article. The Trust welcomes 3 new trustees to its board- Melanie O’Sullivan, Nicole Walker, and Karen Weir. It also says goodbye to Felicity Hildred, who, after many years of dedicated service has now retired as a trustee. The Trust thanks Felicity for her service.

The year 2020 will be remembered for Covid19. Whilst none of us will forget the human tragedy caused by the pandemic, and the devastation that has affected many families, as trustees, we soon became aware of the effect on the economy, businesses, charities and trusts such as ourselves. Like most charities and trusts, Covid 19 affecting our income from investments as well as applications for grants. Notwithstanding, the trustees still provided just over £7,000 in sponsorship and grants, for example towards the fees of solicitors and trainees undertaking the Local Government Diploma.

To read the full 2020 report from the Trustees please click Annual_Report_2020.docx

How to apply for funding:-

The Trust, which was set up to promote and develop the role of solicitors, and trainee solicitors employed in local government in legal, managerial and administrative capacities, provides, among other sponsorship, grants/bursaries towards the fees of solicitors/trainees undertaking training courses to enhance their skills and broaden their experiences relevant to an applicant's local government work. All local government trainees and solicitors are eligible for support.

Currently up to 50% of the fee is awarded, provided the applicant is working in local government at the time the application for grant is made to the Trust, and their application is supported by their employing local authority. The Trust does not give grant support for attendance at the LLG Spring Conference nor for accommodation and travel costs to courses.

If you wish to be considered for such a grant then you can get an application form and details of eligibility for a grant from bev.cullen@hotmail.co.uk.

Please note, applications for support for the Diploma in Local Government Law and Practice must be made prior to 31st July in order to be considered by the trustees before the Law Society's closing date for the Diploma course.

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