Ministry Responds to LLG Brexit Paper

Publish date: 15/04/2019

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have responded to LLG's Brexit Position Statement in full. Click the link to read our briefing paper on the Ministry's response

With the ever-moving timetable on Brexit, contingency planning is even more challenging. The Ministry have taken the time to provide LLG with a detailed response to our Brexit position paper. So what are the messages? Generally, the message is that by virtue of the EU withdrawal Act, the intention is to transfer affected EU legislation into domestic law 'as is'. Now is not the time to be doing a full root and branch review of the law. Any deficiencies in the law as a result of Brexit will be corrected, but otherwise the system will remain unchanged. The majority of law therefore remain the same, even if the infrastructure changes.

LLG Briefing Paper on MHCLG Response to our Brexit Paper