New LLG President announced at AGM

Publish date: 06/04/2020

Quentin Baker of Hertfordshire County Council announced as the new President of LLG - view his acceptance speech below

Thank you to all those LLG members who signed up and joined the first virtual AGM in LLG's history……….

…….and as another first for LLG, I don't propose to detain you with a lengthy speech about my proposals for LLG over the coming months, aside from my confirmation that I will be continuing to support the important campaigns LLG is currently leading and I will post my proposed objectives on the website in the next few days… and would welcome any thoughts or comments from members.

For now, I have just a couple of messages, the first of which concerns the very unusual times in which we find ourselves.

How dramatically the world has changed in just a few months and how local authorities have transformed the way they work in just a few weeks!

Its also important to acknowledge that Local Authorities, you and your colleagues, are at the heart of the response to the pandemic, on the front line of the country's defence of its citizens against this unknown and deadly virus.

Local authorities have demonstrated once again their seemingly limitless ability to rise to a challenge.

And its at times like these that the value of collaboration across the sector through organisations like LLG really comes to the fore…..and I want to extend my thanks, (and I'm sure you'll share my sentiment), to the work of the LLG team back at HQ for the huge amount of effort they've put in over the last few weeks, in addition to all the ongoing work and in the face of illness and challenging personal circumstances.

There is a huge amount of work which goes on behind the scenes at LLG in lobbying, researching, hosting discussions and workshops and producing advice and guidance for LLG members in readily digestible chunks…..which is a real help when you have little if any time left in the day.

LLG is an organisation which has as its core purpose the mutual support and assistance of its members and all of our activity is guided by that purpose. It relies upon the involvement of its members and I would encourage all of you to become more involved… would be very welcome…'s rewarding….and can even be fun!

Lastly, I would like to wish you, our members, every success in navigating your authorities, keeping them on the right side of the law, through the coming weeks which I fear are likely to become more trying before we see light at the end of the tunnel.

Please take care of yourselves and your colleagues.

Quentin Baker

LLG President