The Local Government Legal Society Trust Publish Their Annual Report

Publish date: 10/02/2020

The Trust, which was set up to promote and develop the role of solicitors, and trainee solicitors employed in local government in legal, managerial and administrative capacities, provides sponsorship and grants towards the fees of solicitors/trainees undertaking training courses to enhance their skills and broaden their experiences relevant to an applicant's local government work. You can also read the Trusts latest report here.

If you wish to be considered for such a grant then you can get an application form and details of eligibility for a grant from

Please note, applications for support for the Diploma in Local Government Law and Practice must be made prior to 31st July in order to be considered by the trustees before the Law Society's closing date for the Diploma course.

You can read the Trusts latest report here

The Local Government Legal Society Trust Ltd (Company No: 08676003) Registered Office: 9 Manor Close Hoghton PR5 0EN.