Child Care Law Update

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Date of recording: 9th April 2016
Running time: 44 Minutes

Speaker: Graham Cole, Graham Cole, Principal Solicitor (Social Services), Luton Borough Council & LLG Specific Activity Area Lead – Children's Services and Education.

Recorded at the LLG Weekend School 2016.

This breakout session will look at:‐

  • Developments in care proceedings – the continuing effect of the Re B and B‐S cases and the 'where nothing else will do' rule in relation to plans for adoption
  • Use (and abuse) of section 20 of the Children Act 1989
  • Proposed changes to the law on adoption and special guardianship
  • Authorisations for deprivation of liberty of children – the Birmingham case
  • Proposed changes to rules on court bundles
  • International issues – Re N (2015)
  • Travel to war zones and radicalisation
  • FGM protection orders

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