LLG Brief: Consultations: In And Out Of Lockdown

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Conducting a public consultation has become increasingly complex since the start of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Service changes and new projects cannot wait for the rollout of a vaccine, and communities still rightly need to be involved. Many authorities have live consultations or consultations that need to happen in the near future. What should happen to consultations and what are the challenges that face us all? What should the approach be? Can a move to exclusively online consultation satisfy the legal requirements?

Led by the team at BDB Pitmans, the leading law firm with its own public affairs consultancy, the webinar will consider the legal and communications challenges, setting out everything from how can authorities plan effectively for future consultations under the potential threat of further lockdowns through to how best to balance the political and local risks involved. It will look at the expectations of local communities and the impacts of a virtual approach.

Recorded on 20/01/2021

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