LLG Work Experience Week 2021 Webinar

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After a year when many students have faced diminishing career options and disappearing work placements, LLG have decided to kick start a national program across local government legal departments. LLG are launching a digital work experience week in July 2021 to allow local authorities and graduates with shared values to get together in a remote space to encourage them to pursue a career in law in local government as their first choice.

Graduates will spend each morning virtually experiencing life in a local authority, and each afternoon in a vibrant program of LLG webinars, roundtables and workshops designed to give a full flavour of local government.

This webinar will explain how your local authority can join in , what you need to know , how graduates will be selected, what the programme will involve, our approach to supporting a diverse set of graduates, and our aims and objectives of inspiring the next generation.

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