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31 July 2020

Publish date: 31/07/2020

For those of you this week that missed our Wednesday webinar 'The fight for Justice: The call for Action – a road-map for the promotion and delivery of equality in Local Government', you absolutely have to catch up on demand and listen to Sharon Sayles Belton, civil rights campaigner, first African American & first female Mayor of Minneapolis. In a very different webinar and the first of its kind for LLG, never have I listened to such a spectacular, inspiring, well-informed, and motivating speaker. At times I was almost emotional. Drawing on the importance of mentoring, growth, education, resilience, equity and development, Sharon asked the question "are you in, or are you out?". We all have a responsibility here-, as Rachel McKoy our Deputy Vice President remarked "keep the dialogue alive, build on the social capital and be bold and courageous!"

In other news, LLG were delighted this week to produce new Guidance on the Annual Canvass and Sharing of Data with the ERO in cooperation with the Association of Electoral Administrators and the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives, for the purpose of assisting our members and their authorities with data sharing between any given department and the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) in respect of the Annual Canvass and the ERO's duties generally. It also contains a specific section on sharing between two tier authorities.

The ERO holds a legal requirement to undertake an annual canvass which ensures that the electoral register is accurate and complete. The process by which this is undertaken has been reformed this year (2020) by the Cabinet Office, the Scottish Government, and the Welsh Government, in order to streamline the procedure, reduce the administrative and financial burden and make the process simpler; affording greater discretion to EROs to tailor a canvass to suit their local area. We hope this Guidance will assist EROs and local authority departments to share data and enable data matching for the purpose of the Annual Canvass.

Finally, I must say thank you to all the wonderful members who have been in touch to say how much they enjoy the Grapevine Podcast. It means a tremendous amount to LLG to know we are making a difference and helping you to feel connected at this time. We are taking a break for August but never fear, the Grapevine will return in September.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing, and I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the weather!

Best wishes

Helen McGrath

Head of Public Affairs